13 Jan 2010

Green Open spaces Increase The Quality of Health

Proved again, the green open spaces increase the quality of health. With more and more expensive health care costs, may be considered to take advantage of green open space as part of efforts to prevent disease.

A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health showed people who lived within one kilometer of the park or open space green areas are more often experienced depression and anxiety.

Research conducted on the medical records of 345,143 in
Holland is assessing the health status of respondents in the 24 conditions, including cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological diseases. The results were then related to the distance where the respondent lived with a green open space within a radius of one kilometer and three kilometers.

It turned out that people who live in urban environments have higher prevelansi depression and anxiety than those who live near green open space.

Other health benefits gained by those whose homes near green open space, a radius of 1-3 kilometers healthier digestive symptoms and physical decline that often can not be explained medically.

In addition to the more fresh air, open spaces also allows us more exposed to the sun that are rich in vitamin D.
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