7 Agt 2013

How to always set YouTube quality to 240p

If you have limited internet connection speed, SmartVideo For YouTube is a great add-on for Firefox browser.

"My internet speed doesn't allow me to watch YouTube higher than 360p. Each time I watch a video, I have to set its quality to 240p to watch conveniently without buffering".

There is no option in YouTube to always play 240p video quality. With this add-ons installed you can set YouTube to always play video to exact quality that you preferred.

Link to install: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/smartvideo-for-youtube-mytube/


1. Go to Firefox add-ons manager
2. Find the 'SmartVideo Add-ons'
3. Select Option
4. Check the 'Control videos on YouTube' option.
5. Find a dropdown menu for Video quality setting.
6. Select 'Small (<= 320*240 px)' if you have slow internet connection.
7 Press 'Close' button.

At the first 2 - 3 seconds, the video quality will stay at random position, no later than 5 seconds it will change to the quality which you specified in the add-ons.
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